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What is AFRICA TODAY/Yesterday

The Calendar of Africa's History?

From the mists of pre-history to the wonders of now - here on this calendar, the story of humanity’s birthplace unfolds, day by day. Not just the when, what and who, but the how and why.

Here are the heroes and villains, the leaders and rebels, the artists and performers, the scientists and scholars, the diplomats and writers, the athletes and adventurers. And here are ordinary people doing extraordinary things, day after day. The milestones are all here –the triumphs and tragedies as they happened. Each individual calendar entry is fascinating. Taken together, they capture the scale and magnificence of African history.

This great historical storyis as rarely told as it is largely unknown. AFRICA TODAY/Yesterday rights that wrong. But more, this easy to use calendar makes African history a fun voyage through time, with discoveries every day.

Pick a day – your birthday or any day – and see what happened over the centuries on that date. The diversity of developments is as amazing as the parade of people who pass by, from antiquity forward.

More than 20 years of work went into compiling this calendar. Historians, academics, experts in all fields, journalists, government departments, musicians, social media influencers and countless others have contributed. And this work will never end, because the history of Africa’s peoples will never end.

We know that students and scholars will be using this calendar, but we hope that everyone enjoys making this a part of their daily routine, to see what went on in Africa today – in all our yesterdays.

For all who find interest in the world’s most fascinating and historical continent, if you have a contribution or comment to make, we welcome hearing from you. You may contact us at:

One Day, history will have its say – not the history they teach in Paris or Washington, but our history, that of a new AFRICA — Patrice Lumumba